Why You Should Be Visiting A Vineyard In Winter!

Most people plan a winery tour during the harvest seasons, which depending on the region, may be anytime in summer, spring or even autumn. Yet, an increasing number of people are taking to visiting these luscious farms during the winter months, and the photographs they bring as proof of their reasoning are nothing short of magical. In fact, there are many reasons as to why visiting a vineyard in winter is something you should be doing; some of these reasons are as follows: Go here http://www.hittheroadtours.com.au/  for more information about great ocean road 1 day tour. 

Enjoy the solitude – if you want to enjoy solitude, peace and quiet, then the winter season is the best time of the year to visit a vineyard. Most private group winery tours Yarra Valley, as was mentioned above, tend to be scheduled during the busier summer season, meaning that not a lot of people think of even visiting a vineyard in the colder months. This makes it a wonderful opportunity to have a more personal experience – not only will you be able to spend more time at any winery you visit, but you will also have the attention of your hosts (and perhaps get to enjoy more than what is generally offered to tourists!)

  • Take in the white surroundings – another reason to visit a vineyard in the winter is the scenic landscape. Take for example world famous tours such as the Yarra Valley wine tours – the valley certainly looks splendid in the summer months with the ripened harvests, but just take a minute to imagine how it all would look like veiled under a thin layer of white snow? The image you visualized will probably pale in comparison to the real deal, so waste not another minute and plan for the tour right this instant!
    • Taste the seasonal wine varieties – and of course, whilst the winter season is the off-season, do not mistakenly think there won’t be any good wine for you to taste! There are plenty of seasonal wines for the colder months, especially red wine varieties which can warm you up from the cold. If you are a fan of red wine, you definitely want to pay a visit during December or January.
      • Stock up on your collections – and lastly, the winter months, especially the many holidays that fall within these months, are bound to eat up your stocks of wine. If you feel like your cellar is about to empty any time soon, a winery tour is a brilliant way to stock up and enjoying a vacation – all at once! Winery tours give you a chance to find new wine varieties, and you can always enjoy the discount that comes along with these tours, so make sure you have a box or two in your vehicle to pack all the bottles you will be taking home.

2WD And 4WD- Learning The Difference

Planning to shop for a vehicle, but confused with two-wheel and four-wheel drive? No problem! Let’s drive off this confusion and learn the differences between a two-wheel and a four-wheel drive here.

Two-wheel drive vehicle

Most of the vehicles found are basically 2WD which means that only two wheel are spun by the engine. It has mainly two types- Rear wheel drive and Front wheel drive wherein rear wheel drive is designed where the engine powers the rear wheels and cars with rear wheel drive have the advantage of optimized suspension handling due to the fact that the front wheels are used for steering only. They are a popular choice of sports vehicles and are also popular in pickups and trucks that carry heavy loads.  On the other hand, front-wheel drive has design where the engine powers the two front wheels and have an advantage of being cheaper to make. The only disadvantage of the front wheel design is that both the two jobs of driving and steering is to be performed by the front wheels. Although they are preferred for providing better traction while going uphill as the weight of the engine is balanced over the front wheels.


These types of vehicles are fuel-efficient, cheaper and lighter in weight.


These type vehicles are not suitable for all conditions due to less power.

Four-wheel drive vehicles

Also known as 4X4, this type engine can give power to all of the vehicle’s wheels. With the option to switch between 4WD and 2WD, four wheel drive vehicles are the perfect options for off-road driving situations and going up steep hills and low traction roads. Also Vehicles with part-time or automatic four-wheel drive have a better fuel efficiency than vehicles with permanent four-wheel drive. With four-wheel drive, the vehicle’s power is divided between all the four wheels which gives the driver maximum traction and control on uneven terrains as well, which is a great help while climbing steep hills, crossing over rocks and boulders and even while trying to get the vehicle out of a mud bank. And if you are not sure of buying one, you can also four wheel drive hire vehicles. If you are in Hervey Bay, get Hervey Bay 4wd hire for yourself and enjoy on the wheels.


These type vehicles provide for excellent traction in off-road situations and they have the ability to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive for better fuel efficiency.


These types of vehicles are much heavier in comparison to two-wheel drive vehicles. These are not only expensive, but consume a pretty good amount of fuel in off-road conditions.