The Beginning Of The Second Childhood

We all have some important stages in our life to pass. As an onlooker, you might have seen that a human has his/her childhood, youth age, middle age and the old age. You all have experienced that wonderful time in your life as children. It is the period in which you crawl, wean, and seek the warmth of your mother. Indeed, you are the most helpless and the most dependent creature ever when you are first brought forth to this world.
Soon after the childhood, the most interesting period of your life would be the youth age. It is as fresh as a daisy and one of the most active periods in life. So, no wonder that most of us are enthusiastic to live forever and for always in that most glamorous, inexperienced and passionate spell of time. We know very well that it is the time for you to behave as if you are young adults. Sometimes youth open doors for you to make your own decisions. You live in your own world where you think about your dreams, passions, love and romance. And no doubt, that your elders become so much concerned about the way you behave and the way you talk with others, etc. In fact, most of they keep on grumbling about your snobbish way of behaving and your stubbornness. 
However, nothing is permanent in our life is the ultimate truth that we all have to face. Yet ignoring this is the beauty and the ridiculous thing that we all do in our lifetime. But the second childhood is something that you can never overlook. If I say that old age is the total opposite of the youth age, it is the definite truth.
You might no longer feel enthusiastic. The pain and the tedious functioning of life will make you lose all your hopes in experiencing a little bit more fun. You might feel as feeble as ever with the changing appearance and looks. Most of all, similar to your childhood, you might be willing to have the company of anybody that is close enough to keep you warm and happy. And you will refuse to stay alone because it makes you feel less important and less caring. That is why, at present, we have aged care Cairns residents.
In aged care residences the old and weak people are properly taken care. And they take full responsibility to never make them undergo ill-treatments and mishaps that are most of the times done by the guardians of the aged ones.
In this way, at some point in your life, you too will have to face a similar kind of situation. But the most intriguing fact is that even in your old age you will still be as stubborn as ever. But gradually this age will also help you to understand the impermanency of life.